Tips for permanent makeup if you have oily skin

Oily skin has special requirements in terms of care and how to create makeup and is a difficult canvas on which makeup products will be applied. Due to the excessive secretion of sebum, oil is created on the skin resulting in the face shining and if the right makeup products are not applied then the final result will not be maintained for many hours. That is why it is necessary to use anti-oil products for skin care as well as make-up products that control oiliness.

Below we give you the right steps you need to follow to achieve a makeup with duration and matte effect.

1) Skin cleansing and moisturizer

Before applying the make-up products, it is necessary to take proper care of the skin in order to maintain all the make-up products that will be applied afterwards. The first and necessary step is to clean the face with soap and lotion that have the main feature of reducing oiliness and sebum secretion.

The next step is to apply the moisturizer, because even oily skin needs hydration. The choice of cream should be made carefully so as not to aggravate the problem of oiliness and it is better to prefer a light cream based on water and definitely oil-free.

2) Primer placement

The application of the right Primer is mandatory for all skin types and especially for oily ones. You should choose a primer that will control the oiliness of the skin, will camouflage the open pores, will create a matte effect and will hold all the make-up products firmly. Apply before the Foundation and wait a while for it to be absorbed by the skin.

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3) Implementation of the appropriate Foundation

Choosing the right Foundation plays a very important role for oily skin. The characteristics that a Foundation suitable for oily skin should have are the following:

– wet, light texture and thin

– to create a matte effect with duration

-to control the oiliness of the skin

-covering so that it does not need many layers and a large amount so as not to burden the skin

Our suggestion:

L. _ A. _ GIRL PRO MATTE FOUNDATION that is suitable for oily skin because it creates a matte effect for many hours, reduces the appearance of pores and creates a beautiful surface of the skin. It is Paraben free and contains vitamins that improve the appearance of the skin. You can see all the shades in our E-Shop and choose the right shade for your skin.

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4) Applying powder for a matte effect

An essential element of makeup for oily skin is the application of powder over the Foundation and Concealer to stabilize it and prevent skin shine. A neutral transparent powder that controls and reduces oiliness is the best choice. However, you can also use a powder with a little color, but without overdoing it with the amount so that it does not burden the skin.

Our suggestions:

LA GIRL SETTING POWDER (Translucent) which is a colorless powder in powder form and does not change the color of the Foundation while at the same time creating a matte effect with a long duration. It also reduces the appearance of pores and smoothes fine lines.

LA GIRL MATTE POWDER which is a compact powder with a little color that controls oiliness, improves skin tone and eliminates unevenness while at the same time perfectly stabilizing the makeup offering a matte result.

LA GIRL INSTANT FINISH BLURRING LOOSE POWDER which is in powder form with a little color that absorbs the oiliness of the skin and creates a matte effect that lasts. Contains vitamins that improve the appearance of the skin and reduce the appearance of pores. They are Paraben Free and Talc Free.

In general, that products are applied after the Foundation, such as e.g. blush, bronzer or contouring products should have a matte effect and not be in liquid form.

In the above categories with products that offer a matte effect are L. _ A. _ GIRL JUST BLUSHING , L. _ A. _ GIRL MATTE POWDER BRONZER , L. _ A. _ GIRL CONTOUR POWDER .

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5) Spray all over the face with stabilizing spray

As a last step, spray your face with a stabilizing spray that creates a matte effect and you will see that your makeup will last longer.

Our suggestion:

LA GIRL SETTING SPRAY that creates a matte effect, dries immediately and is Paraben Free and Fragrance Free.

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