Proper makeup base and how to create it

Most women love makeup and have put it into their lives for good. As a make-up artist the most common question I hear from my clients is what is considered the correct order of application of makeup products e.g. if we have to paint the eyes first and then the face or if we always paint the lips last etc.

My answer is the same every time, that there is no right and wrong order but the order that facilitates every woman to create her makeup easily and quickly.

On the contrary, there is a basic rule that they must always follow in order to achieve a proper and long-lasting make-up. Proper preparation of the skin is the first and basic step for the successful application and preservation of products, offering long lasting makeup. Creating the right base before the foundation is what will keep the makeup unchanged for many hours and will offer stability to the products.

See below the 5 basic steps for a proper makeup base:

1st Step

After properly cleansing the skin using the appropriate products depending on its type, then apply the moisturizer. Proper hydration is very important as it offers a healthy and fresh look to the skin. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal base of makeup, since the healthier the skin looks before makeup, the more beautiful it will look after.

In case you have dry or dehydrated skin, it is recommended to include hydration serum in the daily care of your face to offer you the extra hydration that your skin needs.

2nd Step

After the moisturizer, apply the Primer . Many people skip this product, either because they do not know it or because they believe that the end result does not change. On the contrary, make-up artists have been using it for years and it is an essential product in creating a proper and long-lasting make-up.

προτεινομενα προϊοντα

It is a beauty product in cream, gel or spray, which is applied to the face after hydration and before foundation. It works as a base, which protects and prepares the skin while at the same time offers stability to the products that are applied afterwards and maximizes the duration of the makeup.

Offers many benefits depending on the needs of each skin such as hydration and maintenance, creates a uniform and smooth appearance on the skin, regulates oiliness, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, balances skin color, helps to apply it more easily and evenly foundation etc.

The choice of the appropriate primer is made according to the needs of each skin.

In addition to Face Primers (before foundation), there are also Eyeshadow Primers which are placed on the eyes on the mobile eyelid before applying shadows and eyeliner, offering stability and colour retention for many hours.

Also, the Lip Primer is applied before lipstick to keep the lips moisturized and provide more stability and longevity to the color.

Step 3

Choose the right one concealer and apply it to the under-eye area to cover blemishes and imperfections as well as to brighten the area. In case you have dark circles or freckles, first use the corrector peach colour to discolour the area and then apply concealer in a similar shade to your skin tone and slightly lighter. If you do not apply the colored corrector first, the dark circle or freckle will change the color of the concealer to gray and you will definitely not have the bright and clear color you want to achieve with this product.

4th Step

Apply the Foundation to the face, preferably, with a brush for a uniform and flawless result.

Apply a thin layer of liquid foundation first for good coverage and then add a small amount only to the areas that need a little more coverage e.g. due to dichroism, pimples, scars etc.

Finally, apply the whole face with tampon movements with the same brush or with a beauty blender for a uniform and more natural result.

Step 5

Apply the powder all over the face and under the eyes to stabilize your foundation (foundation & concealer) and reduce the oiliness of the skin.

You can use compact or loose powder , depending on the coverage you want to achieve.

The compact powder, which you find in a package with the mirror and its sponge, is available in various shades and offers more coverage. Place it on top of the foundation with a powder brush for a uniform and correct result. Renew it during the day, with the sponge of the package, only on the parts of the face that have intense oiliness.

Loose powder is in powder form, without color (translucent) or in soft shades, for lighter coverage with matte, natural result. Controls oiliness and does not change the color of the foundation.

After creating the right base following the above steps, then you can complete it by adding blush giving color to the cheeks, bronzer to “warm” the color of the face, contouring to give dimension to the face and emphasize the cheekbones and highlighter to give a little glow to some parts of the face.

προτεινομενα προϊοντα

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