Lipstick and tips for beautiful lips!

Lipstick is an essential product in all women’s handbags as it completes the makeup and highlights the lips, a feature of the face that catches the eye!

Every woman can choose the lipstick colors that suit her depending on the color of her skin and hair, while the volume of her lips also plays an important factor. For girls with full lips, shades with less intensity are suggested as dark colors reduce the volume, while for girls with thin lips, it is recommended to use bright colors and apply a little gloss in the middle of the lips, giving them intensity and volume with this trick.

“lipstick can’t solve all problems, but it’s a pretty great start”

Red lipstick is the most timeless and classic color that is never missing from makeup trends. It boosts self-confidence and completes the look, giving elegance. It suits all women and is available in many shades so that everyone can choose the right shade depending on their skin tone. For light skin tones, intense and bright red colors are suitable, while for darker skin tones, deep rich red colors are suitable.

It can be worn from morning to night, with the appropriate intensity, always combining it with a gentle make-up on the eyes. Combined with black mascara, natural makeup and minimal blush you can create an elegant morning makeup.

The secret to its proper application is to combine it with the appropriate lip pencil to delimit the area and then lightly paint the lips, before applying the lipstick, to give duration to the result.

The first step you need to do is exfoliate them once a week, thus removing dead skin from their surface. Apply the lip scrub on the lips, rub it gently on their surface for a few minutes and remove with lukewarm water. Then moisturize the lips and their contour with a moisturizing product that is suitable for the specific area.

It is also very important to apply Lip Primer before applying the lipstick to keep the lips hydrated and to provide lasting color.

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