How to effectively cover dark circles

One of the most common facial imperfections is dark circles and freckles, which are due to hereditary factors, diet or insufficient water consumption. They can be treated to some extent with the right skincare products, but the best way to achieve their full coverage and to create a fresh and bright look, is makeup.

Read below our tips and the steps you need to follow to effectively cover dark circles and freckles. The result will amaze you.

Moisturizing the area under the eyes

It is very important to moisturize the area under the eyes, which is why it is the first and basic step. Proper hydration will help make-up products to be easily placed on the area and kept firm for many hours without “breaking” and dehydrating the area.

Apply the appropriate Corrector

Due to the fact that the concealer, by itself, can not cover the dark circle, after the dark color of the circle under the eyes changes and turns the color of the concealer gray, you will need the help of Corrector. It is a concealer with color, which corrects skin discolorations and discolors them.

For the case of covering and discoloration of the dark circle, you will apply Corrector with peach color, if you have light skin, or orange if you have darker skin.

You will apply a small amount of the corrector only on the part of the dark circle to cover and neutralize its color.

Apply with the packaging brush and then apply with the concealer brush. Then, apply the area with gentle tampon movements with your fingers to better blend the product with the skin.

In case the circles are more red, then you will use the green Corrector which is suitable to neutralize and cover their reddish color.


Concealer application

After discoloring the dark circle, you will apply the concealer all over the area under the eyes, creating an inverted triangle towards the corner of the nose, to cover the color of the corrector and give a relaxed and fresh look to the area under the eyes. The shade of the concealer is recommended to be 1-2 tones lighter than your skin and not whiten, because it does not offer the desired effect and creates a gray color.

It is important to apply a small amount of concealer and prefer it to be in liquid form so that the area does not look dehydrated.

Apply the product to the area with the concealer brush and then gently dab with your fingers to better bond with the skin.


Lock the area with Loose Powder

The last but necessary step is to apply in the area under the eyes a loose powder colorless or with a little color, to stabilize the result for many hours.

Avoid the compact powder for the specific area because it will burden the skin and will not give a light result.

Apply a small amount with gentle swabs using the pack sponge.


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